About Me

In a previous life, I wrote for a litany of newspapers that you’ve never heard of nor read unless you happened to be in the same place as me at the same time. I started at the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, freelanced for a bit at The Reading (Mass) Chronicle, went to The Register in South Dennis, Cape Cod (since subsumed by the CNC chain), then to the Boston Courant (a downtown weekly so indie, it doesn’t have a website… seriously) and my last gig was at The Newburyport Daily News.

At one point, I ran a website at this same domain name. That site was a collection of movie and music reviews with a smattering of fiction and random columns (a somewhat short-lived device created during the 2001 spring semester of the MDC in which a series of unrelated thoughts and observations were strung together in column form).

I currently work in health care after working in government for 8 years. I hold an MBA from Boston College, where I specialized in asset management (really). None of this makes any sense. You can follow me on Twitter @cosmicspeaking

About This Site

I have no specific plans for this space, don’t intend to write about any particular topic, and probably won’t post all too frequently. I simply wanted somewhere where I could write again when the mood strikes me. The Internet is good for that type of thing.

About Cosmically Speaking

As the story goes, I was very drunk at a cookout during my senior year at UMass. I nearly fell down some stairs while walking up to my apartment. Luckily, my good friend was there to catch me and stop me from toppling down half a flight of stairs. He asked me if I was OK, and I responded, “Cosmically speaking, I’m fine.” Even though I don’t remember saying it, I have used the phrase henceforth to mean “with greater perspective” or “taking the larger view” – as if looking down on Earth from the cosmos. It may be the one, truly unique thing I’ve created.

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